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Taking the Hard Labour Out of Landscaping

Landscaping is one of the biggest growth industries for Dingo in Australia. When you look at the versatility of the machine it is not hard to understand why.

The Dingo could not be more suited to the landscaping industry. Most of the jobs that were previously done by hand, as well as those previously done by bigger machines, can be done with the Dingo.

Use the Post Hole Digger with augers up to 760mm for planting trees and installing retaining walls, use the Rotary Hoe for preparing new gardens, use the bucket to shift mulch, sand and rocks etc, use the trencher or poly pipe layer for installing irrigation and finish the job off with the leveller in preparation for laying turf. The Dingo really is a fantastic innovation for taking the hard work out of landscaping.

In fact the landscaping industry is the biggest market for Dingoes in the USA. The landscaping industry there is huge and we expect that as the industry grows in Australia, it will be one of our biggest markets in Australia as well.

Other advantages for landscapers:

Compact size - the Dingo enables you to work in back yards with ease.

No Mess - with turf tyres the Dingo leaves very minimum surface damage.

Ease of Transport - the Dingo and attachments all fit onto their trailer leaving your ute or tipper free to carry materials to the job site.

Freedom - you will be less reliant on casual labour and other contractors to get your job done.


Post Hole Digger
Lawn Aerator
Rotary Hoe
Poly Pipe Layer

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